Our services originated out of the needs from our family and friends. My parents took a 3 month road trip and we wanted to keep up to date with their adventures. At the time, there were no blogs, twitters or facebook so we filled the need ourselves. My mom typed emails, saved them in her pocket email device, and when she found a pay phone (remember those?) she held the device to the phone receiver and it sent an email which we received, processed, and posted to a website for her. Low tech at its best back when there were pay phones. Even now, with all the social media sites available, none of them completely fill our needs. We want simplicity and comfort knowing our information is kept private. We do not operate on an advertising-based business model. We do not market our clients' personal information. We do not sell your photos, stories, or email addresses. Have you ever wondered where those photos come from that are in a picture frame when you buy it? Not from us!

We offer public, semi-private and private websites for non-profit groups and humanitarian mission trips.
  • Public sites can be viewed by anyone and are listed in our catalog.
  • Semi-private publishings can be viewed by anyone, but they are not listed anywhere. So you need to know the name of the published item in order to view it.
  • Private publishings can only be viewed by invited guests who have been given the password.

We travel a lot ourselves. We often go to areas where there is very limited internet access. Quick and simple is the key. We add capabilities that we ourselves find useful. Some of the simple yet useful features include:
  • browser based webpage editing
  • message posting: email automatically posted to the message board from verified email addresses.
  • online calendar
  • a variety of photo albums

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