View any of our previous trips by selecting one of the links from the menu on the right. Each trip included weeks of planning, budgeting, meetings, fund raising and logistics. While we are away on one of our trips we upload photos, add to an on-line journal and keep everyone informed on our progress. Journaling is important on these trips. We often capture stories, notes, dates, places and important details that would be lost among all the experiences we have.

There are several words/phrases that could be used to describe these trips, but the one we most often hear is "life changing". We also believe they are: enriching, affirming, challenging, educational, emotional, life expanding, fulfilling, perspective changers, bonding and conspicuous displays of our faith.

We will continue to use this site to remember where we have been and where we plan to visit next. While we keep the names of each team member private, we don;t want to forget that we have had from 12 to 34 participants on each trip. We rely on countless people in our host country, supporters back home and our families.

We hope you find our site informative and useful if you are planning a trip of your own. We welcome all comments, suggestions and inquiries. Please direct your comments to
posted: October 31, 2015
If you have any problems using this form or need assistance, contact Mandy or Steve Krupa - email or call them at home 561-964-6760.

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